Problem in adding product to conformant list

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We have created a conformance report and feature list on latest client tool. We have also created the interface file on Oxygen.
However we are not able to add the product for conformance list. Please find attached the error message:


It looks like you have not used the correct file names for your files. Please read this:

  • Make sure that all three documents—the Declaration of Conformance, the Feature List xml document, and the Interface Guide—are uploaded into the system for each product.
  • Make sure that the three files for each product use the following accepted file naming conventions as shown in Set A and B below:
    • Set A - For devices tested with Device Test Tool:
      ONVIF_DoC_<product name>_<firmware>_<timestamp>.pdf
      ONVIF_FeatureList_<product name>_<firmware>_<timestamp>.xml
      ONVIF_InterfaceGuide_<product name>_<firmware>_<timestamp>.xml
    • Set B - For clients tested with Client Test Tool:
      ONVIF_DoC_<product name>_<version>_<timestamp>.pdf
      ONVIF_FeatureList_<product name>_<version>_<timestamp>.xml
      ONVIF_InterfaceGuide_<product name>_<version>_<timestamp>.xml

    • Filenames of "ONVIF_Doc", "ONVIF_FeatureList" and "ONVIF_InterfaceGuide" must be written exactly as shown with no space between "Feature" and "List", and no space between "Interface" and "Guide" and with capitals in the right places. Underscores separating the different parts of the filename must also be applied as shown above. In addition, the product name and the firmware number used in the filename for all three documents must match exactly. If the files do not comply with the above conventions, the system will not recognize them and will issue an error notice.


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