How can I attach an electronic signature using the test tools?

System Administrator Nov-18th, 2022 12:37 0 0

The ONVIF test tools have a built-in feature that enables you to upload an electronic signature of an authorized representative and apply it to your product’s Declaration of Conformance (DoC) document. With the submission of a DoC with an electronic signature and all other necessary documents, the approval process will be automatic and your product will be immediately listed on the Conformant Products page of the ONVIF website.

To apply an electronic signature to the DoC, follow steps 1-2 below before running conformance tests:

  1. Go to the “Conformance tab” in the test tool and supply an image with the signature and the name / title of the person authorized to sign your DoC.
  2. Click the checkbox to apply, and the signature will be automatically used when generating the DoC.
    DO NOT change the filenames of the generated files!
  3. Upload the documents as usual in the Member Portal. If everything is submitted correctly, the message “DoC is signed” will appear.


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