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First let me briefly explain what an errata is: if a member suspects that one or many test cases are failing because of the test tool rather than the implementation in the product being tested, the test tool working group will examine it and if proven correct an errata explaining why the test case fails and why the failure being incorrect will be issued. The member can then reference this errata when submitting the product for conformance. Note that this process only applies when it can be determined that a failure is caused by the tool and not the product being tested or operator error while testing. 

In your case you are trying to apply an errata that does not match the failing testcases you have. For example: you are failing "SEARCH-2-1-3-v18.12 GET RECORDING SEARCH RESULTS WITH MINRESULTS" and you are applying errata no. 65. This errata concerns testcase "ANALYTICS-4-7-1" and does not match the testcase you are failing. You can download the latest errata document here:


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Dec-4th, 2023 19:51

Dear Help,
We are facing an issue of Erratum mismatch while uploading product documents. At first we assumed that we are making a mistake while setting device test tool, however upon checking various online forums we see that others are facing the same issue.
We are new to the ONVIF environment and would like you to throughly guide us. Once guided we can help ourselves in the future.
Kind regards,


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