Is it possible that two products that are ONVIF conformant will not work together?

System Administrator Nov-14th, 2022 18:32 0 0

The products should work together. However, a manufacturer might have chosen not to implement a certain optional function in a product. It is not enough that one product supports that optional function; so in such cases, the function cannot be used. It is also important to understand that the conformance process is a self-certification test done by the manufacturer, and not conducted by ONVIF. In the event that two products do not work together, it is quite probable that it is not the quality of the specification in itself that causes integration problems, but rather the product quality, i.e. the quality of the implementation of the specification. It is important to stress that the ONVIF specification does not make any claims about the quality of the products. The responsibility for making good quality implementations of ONVIF falls heavily on the manufacturers, and the market forces should take care of this over time. To minimize the risk for flaws in the specification, there are activities in ONVIF during the development of the specification where prototyping is done to ensure that the quality of the specification is good.


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