What membership levels are available? And what are the responsibilities and privileges when participating in the forum?

System Administrator Nov-14th, 2022 15:13 0 0

ONVIF offers five levels of membership: full, contributing, registered affiliate, user, and observer member, to accommodate individual choices of participation. Full or contributing members can actively influence the development of the standard by participating in the work of the forum. Registered affiliates are affiliates of full and contributing members and share many of the same privileges of their parent company’s membership. The user member level is open to organizations that wish to use the Network Interface Specification and have access to specification proposals but do not want to participate in any work of the forum. The observer member level is best suited for media, having access to conformance tools and the ONVIF logo. Technology and test tools will be made available to all ONVIF members to facilitate the development of conformant products.


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